My new BLOG!!!!


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My trip to AG Doll Atlanta (my like 5th time going)

Introducing . . . . Lanie Holland!!!!!!! The newest Doll of the Year

Lanie in her pajamas inside her camper

About me & this site

Hello my name is Malari, I created this website to tell you all the infromation about American girls! American Girls are my pasion I have been collecting since I was 5. I am up to 25 AG dolls, I need 2 more historical dolls to have them all ( Rebecca and Kaya ) I have all the dolls of the year and 3 Just Like You dolls. 

On this website I will tell you infromation about new dolls BEFORE they come out, and infromation bout my dolls.  I should update about once a week but I am a cheerleader and a power tumbler and I am also on the school academic team so it is kinda hard. So keep checking back for more stuff!!!!